Tuesday, March 18, 2014

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Ninety-nine percent of all bikers consider themselves law-abiding citizens. The other one 
percent probably couldn’t care less about the laws, much less those trying to uphold them. 

The Sins of Wolves, a notorious motorcycle gang, might have lived within the confines of 
legal boundaries. Perhaps they would’ve attended PTA meetings and participated in community 
events. Maybe they would’ve settled down and started families of their own, right there in Small 
Town America. 

Fact is, the Sins of Wolves bikers were called upon for a different purpose. They were 
needed for a much greater cause. 

If the MC had functioned in a very different world in very different times, perhaps they 
wouldn’t have sported the distinct diamond patch on their jackets, flaunting their one-percenter 
status like a well-earned badge of honor. 

Then again, the Sins of Wolves took great pride in their status as one-percenter bikers. In 
Sevier County they were symbols of strength, a club known to arrive day or night and pull 
innocent victims away from would-be dangerous situations. 

No, they don’t uphold the law. They aren’t about to abide by reproachable governed 

They rule and preside over themselves while taking a stand against immoral conduct. At 
the same time, the MC’s laws on Safe Mountain are quite flexible. 
In fact, sometimes anything goes. 

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