Monday, July 28, 2014

The Final Chapter of Sins of Wolves: The Safe Mountain Series

It seems like just yesterday when I sat down and drafted a letter to Shannon West and Michelle Williams at Dark Hollows Press. We had an idea for a shifter series. We could picture Safe Mountain in our heads. We could almost hear the undeniable sounds of Harleys rumbling through the mountain roads leading to Safe Mountain. 

In our heads, the path to Safe Mountain was much like the winding two-lane highway that leads tourists from Gatlinburg, Tennessee to Cherokee, North Carolina, only this road was less traveled. The MC had to ride over a lot of rough terrain before reaching the safe haven known as Safe Mountain.

It’s hard to believe the last chapter of the Sins of Wolves: The Safe Mountain series is now complete.  These dystopian novellas will remain close to my heart and hopefully stick with those who made this series a success.

If you haven’t started the journey to Safe Mountain, please join us. Start with An Angel’sWings. At $.99, this prequel will give you a glimpse inside a biker-shifter romance packed with exciting characters, an unusual setting, and a story that will warm your heart or maybe even get your blood pumping. 

An explosive end is coming to Safe Mountain and the
 Sins of Wolves will never be the same. You don't want to miss a minute of this exciting Dark Hollows Press series. 

If you’ve been with us from the very beginning, thank you. 
We hope you’ve enjoyed the Sins of Wolves.


The Sins of Wolves bikers prepare for the fight of their lives when special teams storm their coveted home at Safe Mountain. Unable to predict the outcome of a deadly war, Chuck and Robby lead several pack members to the front lines of a battle they cannot win.

Gifted shifters of an ancient breed, Robby and Rebecca are determined to fight for their mountain habitat and the Sins of Wolves. Together they join with Chuck and his mate in hopes of pulling out all the stops and overpowering their adversaries. Still, their efforts fall short of a true victory when one of their own is killed during the first strike. Safe Mountain soon becomes ground zero as the pack faces what is destined to unfold as the beginning of a catastrophic end.

Breed of Speed-Safe Mountain Series Continues

Max and Brittany discover more about one another when Robby, a werewolf of a different breed, imprints upon Max. Unable to resist the alluring temptation he provides, Brittany joins Max and Robby for an unforgettable romp.
After their enjoyable tryst in the upper mountain cabin, an old friend and new enemy show up at Safe Mountain with a warning. There’s a new agenda in place and armies are gathering in nearby Gatlinburg with one lone mission—locate Safe Mountain and execute those living there.
The Sins of Wolves are out of time and the clock is still ticking. As the bikers scatter with their mates, some remain behind to protect their home while others move forward, determined to start a new life of their own.

Max hadn’t expected Robby to tell anyone about his imprint, but nothing could’ve prepared him for the thoughtful gesture he gave Brittany. Robby was a hard ass. Where Somers was concerned? He was a deadly son-of-a-bitch. In spite of it all, he had the decency to recognize Brittany’s need to know more.
“Everybody is here,” Mama said, sticking her head in the kitchen. “And they’re restless. Anyone want to tell me what this is about?”
Robby frowned. “Ah hell, let’s go.” He pointed at Somers. “Not you.”
“Fuck, Robby,” Chuck said. “He’s the reason we know what’s headed our way. For once, lay down the swords and embrace an old friend.”
“Our old friend damn near cost us our lives.”
“Daisy was responsible there,” Brittany said, keeping her voice low. “But her reasons for wearing a tracker were justified. She was trying to save our parents.”
“Do we have time to run over this?” Robby asked.
“Not really,” Chuck said. “If you want to sit down and talk it out over coffee, we can do that. But it could mean the difference in getting everyone out safe.”
The room fell silent. Max took a deep breath as everyone there seemingly processed what Chuck’s words meant. The moment they’d all dreaded had finally come to pass.
The Sins of Wolves would vacate the premises. The road to Safe Mountain would soon be exposed and anyone left behind would face unfathomable danger.
Doomsday for the club had arrived with a vengeance. How they survived it was yet to be seen.

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