Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Available Today: Few and Far

Available at Amazon, Dark Hollows Press, Bookstrand, and All Romance Ebooks

Secrets are uncovered as the Sins of Wolves race to save a group of young women from an unimaginable fate. After pooling resources and calling in favors from other charters, the MC is forced to rely upon a nomad for a dangerous delivery and the suspected betrayal is imminent.

Natasha and Brittany Marshall await the arrival of their youngest sibling, but when Daisy reaches Safe Mountain, the sisters realize something is terribly wrong. Understanding the club’s fears may be warranted, the women come to terms with a harrowing truth. They can’t protect the one they’ve worked so hard to save.

Devising a plan to help the sister they love, Natasha and Brittany turn to Romy for help. The women weigh the pros and cons of an impossible situation, but when they make up their minds to stand by the club, an outsider intervenes. Soon, a club vote is handed down and lives are forever altered. Sisters must choose between their mates and the only family they’ve ever known.

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